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What is love #15
Onew Buried Alive
Title: What is love
Author: argh
Part: 15/26(ish)
Rating: PG-13 for now
Word count: 2,719
Pairing: Onew/Minho, Taemin/Kibum
Summary: Jinki loves working in this cafe, until a particular person begins to frequent it, and the person that Jinki tried so hard to get over. University!AU. I suck at summaries ;_;
Warnings: long neverending fic XD (around 75k).
Notes: This was my nanowrimo fic back in 2010!
Dedications: written entirely for Daniela no matter what she thinks.
Previous parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen,

Note: I've created a poll at the bottom to gauge how much... people like/dislike this fic ...

Jinki woke up to bright lights and shrill screaming, wincing he rubbed his head, it was ringing slightly and throbbing in agony. He opened his eyes to see a frantic Kibum pushed up right into his face, eyes wide with worry.

“Thank god, you’re awake!” Kibum babbled, sounding so worried and upset, “god I got such a fright when I got the phone call from the hospital!” Kibum raced through the words sounding worked up and upset, “I only just arrived.”

“Uh, what happened?”

“You knocked your head, silly,” Kibum shook his head, “Lucky for you though, Minho brought you to the hospital, he carried you on his back.” Kibum gave Jinki a knowing look, ignoring the horrified expression Jinki had on his face, “Yes, he carried you all the way here, not letting anyone else help and then he sat with you until I got here.”

“Oh,” Jinki went pale, his head still spinning as he tried to process this information, “where is he now?”

“I think he left,” Kibum shrugged, “Not sure.”

“Oh,” Jinki felt dejected hearing that, but then he remembered what he had said at the party making him groan, “God, I’m such an idiot!” Jinki shuddered slightly, feeling thoroughly miserable and dejected, his head throb although if it was from the alcohol or the injury he wasn’t sure.

“Hyung, just relax, don’t stress yourself out right now.” Kibum tried to sooth Jinki, glancing around and wondering if Minho was around or not. “Hyung, I’m just going to get a drink,” Kibum puffed slightly, “I pretty much ran here and I’m feeling thirsty.” He squeezed Jinki’s hand and walked out, it wasn’t exactly the truth but Jinki didn’t need to know that, he just wanted to see if Minho was still around or not.

Kibum left the room, thinking that Minho probably had gone home, there was little chance he would’ve waited for Jinki for the whole night. He nodded his head and almost went right back into Jinki’s room, when a shadow crossed his feet and he looked up to see a tired, shattered looking Minho standing there, with Taemin by his side. Kibum almost rushed to Taemin’s side, but he restrained himself, realising he hadn’t even thanked Minho yet.

“Thank you, Minho,” Kibum smiled, “Thank you for bringing him here, and I’m sorry for being a nuisance to you.” Kibum bowed slightly to show his thanks and sincerity to Minho, he was surprised to see that Minho looked shocked when he lifted his head up. “I was surprised you were still here, but I felt bad for not thanking you properly, last night.”

“Really it was fine, I could hardly leave him there,” Minho pouted, “I was worried and I didn’t want to wait for you to come to the party, it seemed best to call an ambulance.” Kibum nodded his head, eyeing Minho differently, he had heard that he carried him down to the ambulance.

“Minho-hyung was so worried he called me,” Taemin piped up grinning across at his boyfriend, ignoring the glares Minho sent him. “He couldn’t go away without knowing if Jinki was okay or not.” He nodded his head, slyly smiling, “I think someone might have a little problem,” he nudged Minho in the side, winking at Kibum, but the taller boy misunderstood and he started to pale.

“What, do you mean?” Minho blinked his eyes rapidly, looking down at his pants, Kibum held back a giggle as he realised what Minho thought, and what Taemin really meant. “I don’t have a problem,” He turned to look at Taemin with confusion, his expression darkening as he saw the other boy laughing.

“No, not that sort of problem,” Taemin smirked, “I meant, a crush on a certain hyung.”

Kibum stood back, arms crossed in front of his chest as he watched Minho’s eyes widened and he tried to deny it, but it was obvious that Taemin was right. They all knew it, even if Minho hadn't spoken the words to anyone, it was more obvious than if Kibum had tried to sneak past a security guard in a bright yellow jacket, with flashing lights on his head.

“I suppose you’re too much of a coward to admit your feelings like a real man,” Kibum dryly muttered a moment later, his mouth twitching as he held back a smirk, seeing how Minho gaped like a fish, making Kibum realise even attractive people like Minho could look retarded.

“What, I never said that!” Minho snapped, “I uh just thought he hated me, for being you know, gay.” Minho spoke quietly, “I guess I was mistaken,” he shrugged, looking slightly confused but slightly happy, “Um, Jinki-hyung kind of confessed last night, well sorta. I’m not sure if he remembers it or not.” He trailed off, wondering if he was meant to say that. “I hope he was serious and not just mocking me, for my crush?” Minho mused, until Kibum slapped him lightly on the cheek.

“Oh please,” Kibum rolled his eyes, as Minho cupped his cheek in surprise, “You two are complete idiots.” He rolled his eyes, “Yeah I’m sure he was fucking mocking you, never mind that that moron has had a crush on you for years.” He sighed, “Either you guys get together, or I’m going to force Jinki to move far, far away so he never has to look at you again.”

“Ohh, so he was being honest?” Minho looked shell shocked as he stared down at Kibum, the shorter boy, forcefully nodded his head. “Oh,” Minho’s face lit up, and Kibum could’ve sworn that his expression and eyes were brighter than the sun and all the lights in the world combined, “Oh! Can I go and talk to him?”

Kibum didn’t even get a chance to answer before Minho was barrelling into Jinki’s room at a thousand miles an hour. He rolled his eyes and turned to look at Taemin, frowning as he noticed the box he was holding in his hands. He patted a seat, motioning for Taemin to sit, he sat down next to his boyfriend.

“What’s that?” Kibum asked pointing at the shoe box.

“Oh it’s Minho-hyung’s he asked me to bring it, but not open it.” He frowned, “No idea what’s in there, but he said it was for Jinki-hyung.” Taemin grinned, “He wanted to go and get it himself, but I told him to stay here by Jinki-hyung’s side.”

“Gosh, it was just a little knock on the head,” Kibum shrugged, “Jinki has had a lot of accidents,” he sighed, “Wonder why Minho is getting so worked up, and what is in the box? Shall we look?” He smirked, winking at Taemin, but as if Minho had heard him, he reappeared and took the box from under Taemin’s arm.

“Aww no fair,” Kibum pouted, “I’ll ask Jinki-hyung later what was in there,” He grinned, “I’m so glad they both like each other.” He sighed dreamily, “And I feel like its thanks to them that I met you,” he reached across and ruffled Taemin’s hair, “you’re so sweet, and thank you for being understanding with me.”

“Hyung, aww you’re so kind,” Taemin’s eyes watered slightly, he leaned across and kissed Kibum innocently on the lips. He pulled back and smiled and then leaned in again, kissing him firmer, his hands tangling in Kibum’s hair as they deepened the kiss.


Jinki felt restless as he lay in the hospital bed, he had no idea why he was still there, he was fine. Well he was mostly fine except for the hangover, he groaned wondering why he had made such an idiot of himself, why he had said that stuff to Minho. Jinki rolled onto his side, covering his face with his hand, wishing that he could go back in time and change everything from the night before. He just felt sick because he had confessed to Minho in front of all those people, he had made himself into such a pathetic loser.

The clock was ticking loudly, and Jinki frowned, because Kibum said he was just getting a glass of water. He heard the sound of the door being slid back, his back facing the door. Jinki didn’t bother to look, the only person coming to see him would be Kibum. He inhaled softly, letting his eyelids shut as he lay there wondering what to say.

“Kibummie, I’m so stupid, you know what I did last night?” Jinki shook his head slowly, “It’s bad enough that Minho knew I liked him, but then I confessed in front of everyone last night.” He shivered slightly, “Everyone will be laughing at me, god I am so fucking stupid. Why did I have to do that, and worst of all I probably just made Minho feel awkward.” Jinki hid behind his hand, as he heard footsteps coming closer to him.

“I feel so bad, poor Minho he probably feels terrible, I should never have said that stuff.” Jinki shook his head firmly, wondering why Kibum was being so silent he was usually vocal about everything. “Kibum,” Jinki frowned, feeling tempted to open his eyes, but at the same time he just wanted to lie there with his eyes shut, he felt safe in darkness.

“Why would I feel terrible?”

Jinki gasped, his whole body tensing as he heard Minho’s voice, he shivered and squeezed his eyes shut even more. He hoped he was only dreaming, or that he imagined it was Minho’s voice, surely he wasn’t even there. He opened one eye and peeked through his fingers, eyes widening with horror as he saw Minho standing there, looking tired and exhausted.

“Oh,” Jinki practically squeaked, wincing when he realised how terrible he sounded, “Um, no reason, sorry.” Jinki reached for the sheets, he quickly pulled them over his head to hide, hoping that if he lay there quietly Minho might somehow forget that he was even there and just leave. His heart was racing so fast, Jinki lay there silently, but after a few minutes the sheets were tugged back.

“Did you mean your words last night?” Minho chewed on his lip, teeth digging into the plump surface, “Did you?” He repeated, wringing his hands together, his fingers constantly moving. Jinki gulped, there was no way to back out now, so he just nodded his head, feeling tempted to shut his eyes. He frowned as he saw that Minho was holding a box in his hands, he stared curiously at it.

“What’s that?” Jinki asked pointing at the box, as soon as he spoke he regretted his words, “Uh sorry never mind me, just ignore that.”

“Letters from you,” Minho replied right away, Jinki swallowed, blushing slightly as he realised what Minho meant. “I don’t know if you know, but we wrote each other letters, do you remember that school project?” He started to ask and then shut up when he saw how Jinki was nodding his head quickly.

“Oh, you found out.” Jinki mumbled sheepishly, “I uh never thought you knew.” Jinki wanted to scream at himself, he couldn’t understand how they were talking so normally after what he said the night before. He should be hiding from Minho, but somehow he felt a little better, the throbbing had died down a little, he no longer had the urge to hide behind his hands. It made no sense, even his heart had calmed down completely, he glanced cautiously at Minho through his long lashes.

“Yeah I did, by accident.” Minho pouted, “But why did you stop checking for letters, did you hate me that much? You never got the last letter I sent you,” Minho opened the box, and Jinki watched, mesmerised as Minho pulled it out, he felt so nostalgic and giddy as he saw the familiar envelope and the same hand writing. He gulped as Minho stepped right up to him, he reached down and grasped Jinki’s hand, warm, slightly rough fingers stroking his wrist gently, before he pressed the envelope into his fingers.

“Minho, what is this?” Jinki asked, feeling his heart pound crazily, he knew what it was but he wanted to hear it from his lips.

“It’s the last letter I sent you,” Minho gulped softly, “I hope you read it hyung, my feelings haven’t changed since then.” He whispered softly, “I hope you feel better soon, I was so worried about you last night. Oh but I understand if you don’t want to read it, but if you don’t can you please return it to me, so I know you didn’t read it.”

“Okay,” Jinki swallowed, clutching the letter tightly in his hands, “Okay, I’ll do that.”

“Thank you hyung, please take care of yourself,” Minho nodded his head, “I uh will give you some space, but Kibum has my number if you want to talk.” Minho leaned down and gripped Jinki’s hand again, stroking it so tenderly that Jinki felt warmth flood his entire body.

Jinki felt so dazed that even after Minho left, he lay there blinking his eyes slowly, trying to decide if he should read the letter or not. He swallowed and then decided he should read it. He owed it to Minho, plus he was dying to know how he felt. His shaking hands he opened the envelope, his heart skipping faster and faster as he pulled the letter out.


Kibum and Taemin were holding hands when Minho walked out of the hospital room, they immediately looked up at him. Minho swallowed, feeling like he wanted to be sick, he felt so giddy and nervous. He clutched the box with clammy hands, sitting down next to his friend and his boyfriend. He could feel their eyes on him, watching him intently, wanting to know what was going on.

“Minho-hyung, what happened?” Taemin asked first, untangling his fingers from Kibum’s hand, sitting up and leaning towards his best friend, “Are you okay?” Taemin reached out with his hand, inching it along Minho’s forearm lightly, focussing all his attention on Minho.

“I’m okay, I think.” Minho nodded his head slowly, but he looked slightly shaken, “I um, gave Jinki my letter, but I didn’t tell him how I felt,” He looked down at the floor, unable to stop thinking that he was a coward for not telling Jinki, but leaving him a letter. “Shit, I should go and confess shouldn’t I? An old letter that I wrote years ago is hardly going to say much is it?”

“A letter?” Kibum frowned, “Wait, by any chance are you the person Jinki-hyung was exchanging letters with?” Kibum suddenly burst out, Minho blushed and then nodded his head, “Ohh really? Haha, that is awesome.” Kibum grinned, “I suppose you kept all the letters too, so what did you show Jinki one of his old letters?”
“No, it was the last one I wrote to him, he never went to collect it,” Minho swallowed, “I revealed my name in it, and my uh feelings for him, well I think that’s what I said.” He nodded his head, offering Kibum and Taemin a lopsided grin.

“You think,” Kibum frowned, “Um, I think you better go and tell him how you feel, what if you wrote something stupid in the letter?” Kibum got up and stood in front of Minho, hands on hips as he glared down at him, “You better not hurt him okay, I will not forgive you if you do hurt him!” Kibum threatened him, until Taemin grasped Kibum’s hands and pulled him back gently.

“Kibum-hyung, just calm down, he won’t hurt him.” Taemin whispered pressing delicate kisses down Kibum’s neck.

“No, I won’t,” Minho nodded, “in fact I’ll go and tell him how I feel right now. I need to, I need Jinki to understand, I’m sick of trying to be subtle and failing miserably.”

“You tried to be subtle,” Kibum laughed, “Yeah subtle would not work with him, you need to take him by the collar and just show him.” Kibum grinned, “Give him his first proper kiss.” He mumbled the words without thinking, and then gasped realising Jinki would kill him for that. “Ignore me, I’m babbling stupidly, saying stuff that is meaningless, you just go and tell that idiot what he needs to hear.”

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