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What is love 12; Onew/Minho
Onew Buried Alive
Title: What is love
Author: argh
Part: 12/26(ish)
Rating: PG-13 for now
Word count: 2,766
Pairing: Onew/Minho, Joon/Onew, Taemin/Kibum
Summary: Jinki is madly in love with Minho, who thinks Minho doesn't even know he exists. Jinki has tried to forget Minho, but then he turns up at the same university and makes it even harder for Jinki to forget about him.
Warnings: fucked up tenses, bad grammar :/ and unedited :x sorrryyy oh it's semi long (around 75k).
Notes: This was my nanowrimo fic back in 2010! It's basically unedited, one day I will edit it I promise ;_;
Dedications: written entirely for Daniela no matter what she thinks.
Previous parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven,

Jinki was still lying on the couch in a state of confusion when Kibum got home from work. His brow creased into wrinkles as he tried to make sense of Minho’s last words. He sat up stiffly when he noticed that Kibum was standing there staring at him. Jinki yawned and rubbed his forehead, trying to make sense of anything, he just confused and surprised.

“So, how was your trip home?” Kibum grinned, squeezing onto the couch, cuddling against Jinki, “awesome was it?”

“Yeah,” Jinki mumbled, biting into his lip, “But Kibum, Kibum when Minho left, he thought I was asleep, and he asked me why I hated him.” He frowned, “Does it really seem like I hate him? I don’t understand why he would even think that I hate him.” He swallowed, pressing his hands together solemnly, “I just don’t get it Kibum,” he turned to look at the other boy, frowning.

“Really, that is kind of weird.” Kibum scrunched up his face, “I can’t imagine how or why he thinks you hate him. Could it be from something that happened in the past? When he gave you that top, did you reply coldly or harshly?” Kibum cocked his head to one side, “Or something like that?” Jinki frowned, sticking the side of his tongue out of his mouth as he sat there thinking about.

“No, I didn’t,” He firmly shook his head, “It’s weird isn’t it?”

“Yeah it is, but you must’ve done something to make him have that impression, we just need to work out what.” Kibum frowned, “oh have you talked to Changsun-hyung lately,” Kibum paused, lifting his head up, “what is going on with you guys?” Kibum neatly changed the subject, ignoring the way Jinki pouted slightly. But he did not want to keep dwelling on things like why Minho thought he hated him, or start analysing all his actions from the past.

“Um, nothing, he’s really busy, we are texting each other, but he doesn’t have a lot of free time,” Jinki shrugged, “well he will be home next week, so I guess we will see each other.” Jinki nodded his head, “Oh yeah, he suggested something to me, I’m not sure what to do and say, can I tell you about it?” Jinki looked hopeful as he spoke, “Please, just don’t tell anyone?”

“I won’t, I promise.” Kibum promised, nodding his head and looking so serious that Jinki believed him. He swallowed, feeling nervous and unsure about if he should trust Kibum or not. But in the end he decided that he would trust him. He had to discuss it with someone before he drove himself crazy.


Saturday dawned clear and crisp, but the chill in the air told Jinki that autumn was on its way. He had a lazy morning, eating breakfast in his pyjamas, looking half asleep and tired. His hair was an untidy mess, Kibum eyed him wearily from the couch, until Jinki noticed him staring continually.

“What?” Jinki finally asked after he had finished eating, “Why do you keep looking at me?” He asked, blinking as he wiped his mouth again quickly, adding to the small pile of serviettes scrunched up next to him. “I always eat like this,” He frowned, until Kibum shook his head, telling Jinki he wasn’t commenting on that.

“No, I just wondered if you remembered that we’re going to the movies today?” Kibum blinked, “Because you need to start getting ready soon,” He looked down at his watch, and then glanced back up at Jinki, “And your um hair looks pretty messed up.” He shrugged, “I know it’s only a movie, but you should dress up a little.” Kibum nodded his head, pointing to his own outfit, which Jinki now noticed was much dressier than what he usually wore on the weekend.

“Oh, I’ll go and shower now then,” Jinki shrugged not seeing why he had to dress up, it was just the movies not some fashion show. He shrugged, he felt like relaxing on the weekend. It was not overly warm but the sky was crystal clear and bright, so Jinki wanted to just wear something loose and casual. Once he showered he put on his most comfortable pair of jeans, they were loose and faded and almost going into holes in places. He just wore an old but comfy t-shirt, which had gone a strange pale grey from the wash.

Just because Kibum was dressing up he felt no desire to do the same. He checked the time on his watch and stepped out, smiling warmly across at his flatmate. He was ready to go, he felt excited because they had wanted to see this movie for a while now. Jinki frowned when he saw the way Kibum glared at him and just shook his head.

“No! You can’t go dressed like that!” Kibum practically shouted, “Go change, hyung.”

“Why?” Jinki frowned, “Aren’t we just going to the movies?” Jinki blinked his eyes, adjusting his glasses with his index finger. “Does it matter how I’m dressed? I want to be comfortable.” He shrugged his shoulders wondering why Kibum was getting so worked up over what he was wearing.

“No, we’re meeting some people there.” Kibum frowned, “I really think you should dress up, wear something a little nicer, like you dress for going to meet Changsun-hyung.” He suggested, practically begging Jinki, “Please hyung, you can’t go like that.” He shook his head firmly, but the more he protested about what Jinki was wearing, the more Jinki wanted to just dig his toes in and stay as he was.

“We’re going to see a movie.” Jinki crossed his arms in front of his chest, “Everyone will be focussed on the movie, not how we’re dressed. I’m not changing.” His mouth was set in a firm, stubborn line, and seeing that Kibum just gave up. He realised that he had done this all the wrong way, because the more someone nagged Jinki, the more he just refused.

“Are you sure? We might eat afterwards,” Kibum rubbed his hands together, “It might get cold?” He found himself still trying to goad Jinki into changing. But after thirty minutes of them bickering about it, they left to catch the train. Kibum pouted, he spent the train ride texting someone, but Jinki ignored the fact that Kibum was being pissy about his clothes. Although he wondered if he was dressed that weirdly, that Kibum was embarrassed to be seen with him. He swallowed and frowned, he was comfortable and he liked his clothes, but he figured Kibum could just grow up if he felt embarrassed for his clothes.

When they arrived outside the cinema complex, Jinki felt himself growing nervous as he spotted Taemin standing under a leafy green tree, the leaves slowly starting to change colour. Jinki’s throat going dry as he saw Minho standing next to Taemin, they hadn’t spotted them yet, he turned to look at Kibum with surprise, blinking when his friend shrugged at him.

“Oh.” Jinki swallowed, “I should’ve listened to you,” he nodded his head, suddenly feeling awkward for how casually he was dressed. He glanced across at saw how neatly and Minho and Taemin were dressed, he felt completely out of place. “Do you think we have time for me to go and buy another shirt or something?” Jinki asked, but before Kibum replied, they had been spotted.

“Jinki-hyung, Kibum-hyung!”

Jinki froze hearing Taemin’s shrill voice, and cautiously he looked over to see Taemin waving at them, smiling brightly. He glanced to his left, freezing he met Minho’s gaze, he couldn’t look away. Jinki trembled slightly as he stared at the taller boy, noticing how his dark eyes looked slightly shocked, as if he didn’t know they were coming.


“I got the tickets earlier,” Taemin grinned, “Since I had to pay for Minho-hyung, I figured I would pay first and you guys could pay me back later.” He shrugged, and Jinki flapped around trying to avoid Minho as he pulled his wallet out. He grabbed some notes and handed them to Taemin, his fingers shaking slightly because he could feel Minho watching him. He tasted something sour in his mouth, and he wondered why Taemin always paid for Minho, it felt wrong to him.

“Um, I’ll pay for all the tickets.” Jinki mumbled out, he didn’t want Taemin to pay for Minho, he ignored the way the three others stared in surprise at him. “What?” He frowned, “It seems fair to me,” He shrugged again, handing Taemin a bigger wad of cash.

“Hyung, this is too much,” Taemin frowned handing Jinki some of the cash back.

“You don’t need to pay for everyone,” Minho added a moment later, “why don’t we go to that café, and have a drink while we sort the money out.” He didn’t wait for an answer, but grabbed a hold of Taemin’s arm and dragged him off quickly, leaving Kibum and Jinki to follow.

Jinki felt uncomfortable when they arrived outside the café, it was obvious Taemin and Minho had had words, from the way they ignored each other and stood separately. Jinki tugged on Kibum’s sleeve, pouting, he didn’t like this, he felt like it was a mistake to come. He tried to drag Kibum away to talk privately, but before he could Taemin latched onto Kibum.

“Hyung, let’s go and get a drink!” Taemin grinned, and Jinki gaped in surprise, as Kibum and Taemin swiftly disappeared into the café. Jinki gulped and looked cautiously at Minho, he breathed out softly, hating himself for being so pathetic. He could stand in front of thirty students and talk, and yet here in front of one person, he could not even summon up enough courage to say a single word. Feeling abandoned by his friend, and ashamed by his clothes, Jinki turned to just leave.

“Jinki-hyung, where are you going?” He looked like a deer caught in headlights when he turned to see Minho staring at him, “Come on,” Minho smiled softly, “You weren’t going to leave were you?” He frowned and smirked slightly, as he opened the door and motioned for Jinki to go in with him. “After all we have to sort out the money,” he shrugged slightly.

“I guess.” Jinki nodded his head firmly, “But if you feel uncomfortable with me being here, we can sort out the money and I’ll go.”

“Why would I be uncomfortable with you here?” Minho frowned and shook his head, “Why would you think that?”

“Because,” Jinki looked down, avoiding Minho’s eyes, “You think I hate you.” He whispered, as he walked right past Minho into the café. He could feel his heart racing as he kept walking towards the booth where he could see Taemin and Kibum sitting. Minho grasped his elbow, effectively stopping him from moving forward, but he refused to turn and see his face.

“Oh,” Minho’s voice sounded strange, unusual, “you heard that.”

“Yes,” Jinki whispered, wishing this was not so awkward. Minho’s fingertips were warm on his elbow, he really wanted to turn and look at him. But he didn’t trust himself just yet, he was worried he might just say something silly, or reveal how he really felt about him. “Y-yes I heard that, I don’t hate you.”

“But you did in high school,” Minho whispered in reply, before he pressed his other hand to Jinki’s other arm, forcefully turning him so he faced Minho now. Jinki was aware of Minho’s eyes roaming across his face, studying him intently. “You hated me in high school, didn’t you?” Minho repeated slightly louder, not caring if the whole café, or whole damn world was staring at him.

“No,” Jinki swallowed and shook his head, “I-I never hated you.” He yanked his arm free and walked away quickly, feeling his heart hammering in his chest. He cursed Taemin and Kibum for sitting next to each other, he gingerly sat down, wincing slightly as Minho sat next him. He felt so incredibly awkward, he didn’t it was possible to feel more out of place then he did right then. It made it worse because he could see how Kibum was deliberately trying to set him up.

Jinki could barely concentrate on the movie with Minho seated next to him, in the darkened cinema he traced his profile with his eyes. His gaze lingering over Minho’s beautiful features, he only looked away when Minho turned to look at him. Jinki’s stomach churned and he felt uncomfortable the whole time, he wished he could just sink into the ground and disappear from sight.

When the movie finally finished, Kibum and Taemin left so quickly, Jinki winced because it was so painfully obvious. He got up slowly, dusting off his jeans, waiting for Minho to leave because he didn’t want to go until he had gone. But Minho just stood there, glancing across at Jinki strangely, until they were the only people left in the cinema.

“Jinki-hyung, I’m not going to hurt you.” Minho whispered, “you don’t need to be so tense, or nervous around me.” He flashed Jinki a brilliant smile, reaching out to grab his arm lightly, “I’m really sorry about this,” He added with a nervous laugh, “Taemin seems to think we like each other.” He smiled apologetically, “He’s trying to set us up, I understand how you feel about me, so I’m sorry about this.”

“Wh-what?” Jinki looked flabbergasted, he was stunned to hear Minho say it so clearly. At first he didn’t really think about what Minho was saying but he felt even more mortified, he didn’t know where to look. He was in a state of shock as Minho led him out of the cinema, warm gentle fingers cupping his arm lightly. Jinki kept looking up at Minho, surprised at why he was doing this, when he clearly didn’t like Jinki.

“I’m sorry,” Minho mumbled when they walked out of the cinema, into the crowds of milling people, “I thought you realised that this was a set up, and that was why you felt uncomfortable.” Minho stopped walking, turning to look at Jinki with serious eyes, “I’m so sorry, I-I thought you were aware.” He gulped visibly, and Jinki’s head swam slightly as he stared at Minho.

He didn’t even reply, instead he tugged his arm free from Minho’s hold and pushed his way through the people until he spotted Kibum and Taemin talking over by a window. Jinki scowled and just grabbed a hold of Kibum’s arm dragging him, without even letting him say goodbye to the younger male.

“Hyung, hyung!” Jinki ignored the way Taemin and Kibum called out to him, he felt too embarrassed to stick around any longer. The way Minho had casually mentioned it was a set up, it made Jinki feel mortified knowing that Minho knew how he felt.

“Jinki, what the hell,” Kibum snapped, “Stop fucking walking right now,” he spoke louder trying to get the older boy to stop holding his arm, to stop him from dragging him away. Jinki however was determined to run away, and only when they reached the train station did he stop for a moment. Kibum glared up at Jinki, his hands on his hips for the way Jinki had just roughly dragged him through the streets.

“What the fuck is your problem?” Kibum snapped, his eyes narrowed down in anger.

“Minho knows everything,” Jinki sounded depressed, “He knew it was a set up, he realised I liked him. I felt so embarrassed, I couldn’t stay there like that, he obviously just wanted to humiliate me.” He swallowed, glancing around nervously, unaware that Taemin and persistent Minho had tailed them to the station.

“What the fuck,” Kibum frowned, crossing his arms in front of his chest, “first you tell me that Minho thinks you hate him, and now you say he knows you like him? You’re not even making any sense.” Kibum grabbed Jinki’s arms and began to shake him lightly, “Hyung, I’m starting to worry about you, I just want you to be happy.”

“I don’t know, bu-but he said about it being a set up, and something about people trying to get us together, and stuff.” Jinki swallowed, “I don’t know, I’m confused. Can we please just go home?” He asked, looking so dejected and sad that Kibum could only nod his head in reply. He glanced up catching sight of the other two, but Kibum put his arm around Jinki’s shoulder, and led him towards the train platform they wanted.


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Yayayayayay..... But I hate cliff hangers. Please update soon!!! I can't wait!! <3

Okay^^; I'll try to update soon

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