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What is love 11; Onew/Minho
Onew Buried Alive
Title: What is love
Author: argh
Part: 11/26(ish)
Rating: PG-13 for now
Word count: 3,064
Pairing: Onew/Minho, Joon/Onew, Taemin/Kibum
Summary: Jinki is madly in love with Minho, who thinks Minho doesn't even know he exists. Jinki has tried to forget Minho, but then he turns up at the same university and makes it even harder for Jinki to forget about him.
Warnings: fucked up tenses, bad grammar :/ and unedited :x sorrryyy oh it's semi long (around 75k).
Notes: This was my nanowrimo fic back in 2010! It's basically unedited, one day I will edit it I promise ;_;
Dedications: written entirely for Daniela no matter what she thinks.
Previous parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten,


Minho nudged Taemin in the side, one eyebrow raised as he saw how the younger just flopped down next to him, sprawling back across the couch in exhaustion. He didn’t think the run they had been on was that tiring, but the way Taemin lay there, covered in sweat, made him feel slightly guilty, like he had pushed him too hard. But Minho figured if he was a dancer, he needed to have good stamina.

“Taeminnie,” Minho jabbed him in the ribs lightly, but Taemin just moaned and rolled onto his side, away from Minho, so he could not see his face. “Are you really that tired?” He asked craning over the boy in surprise, he got another groan in reply, “Taemin?” Minho was starting to worry and so he leaned over more, trying to see the other boy’s expression. But suddenly Taemin sat up, laughing as he pointed at Minho’s worried face.

“Ha! I tricked you!” He grinned mischievously, “Haha, your expression is priceless!” He laughed, clutching his sides, Minho just sat there blinking his eyes in complete shock. “Course I’m fine, I was just winding you up.” His eyes sparkled as he sat there, still giggling when he saw how Minho gaped at him.

“Pfft, you nasty little critter,” Minho shook his head slowly, “Making me worry like that, I think that is horrible.” He crossed his arms in front of his chest, looking upset and annoyed. “I was really worried, you really upset me.” He turned away from Taemin, his face deadly serious, making the younger frown in surprise. He tugged on Minho’s shirt persistently but refused to look at him.

“Hyung, I was only joking,” Taemin bit his lip, tugging lightly on Minho’s shirt.

“Just don’t even talk to me, I think you should just go.”

Taemin gaped in surprise, “I’m really sorry,” he wrapped his skinny arms around Minho’s waist, “I didn’t mean to make you worry, I’m really sorry, hyung! Please forgive me?” Minho continued to ignore him for a few more minutes, but then he slowly prised Taemin’s arms away, pushing him back.

“Ha, got you!” He smirked when he saw Taemin’s stunned expression, “I can’t believe you actually fell for that.” He winked, “I got you back, Taemin, and don’t even pretend you didn’t fall for that!” He reached over and ruffled up his hair affectionately.

“Oh hyung, that was evil! But I suppose I deserved it!” He grinned, shaking his head, “Ah, but it was so much fun tricking you.”

“Yeah you did, oh by the way, I thought we were going to see that movie sometime?” Minho remembered, when he saw a movie being advertised on television. “Did your friend change their mind? We could just go, just the two of us.” Minho suggested, because it felt like he had suggest the movie weeks ago, and he was worried they would miss it.

“I’m waiting to hear back from him,” Taemin nodded his head, “He was meant to be contacting me soon, sorry I kind of forgot to ask, and then yeah.” Taemin blushed slightly, “I think I really like him,” Taemin swallowed, “Even if nothing has happened between us and I have no idea if he likes me back.” He sighed, “Sorry, I asked him to bring a friend, so you don’t feel like a third wheel.”

“Awww, well if you want me to come? I could just leave you two lovebirds alone?” Minho smirked, watching how Taemin’s face grew redder and redder; he quickly shook his head scowling up at Minho. “Okay, I’ll hang out with the friend then that probably will be awkward.” He sighed softly, “But to help you and your crush, I will do it!” Minho firmly nodded his head looking incredibly determined.


Jinki smiled as he put his apron on, he had missed working in the café so much. Even if he was going to be just in the kitchen, it felt like he was home. He breathed in happily, the café air was so lovely, the scent of freshly ground coffee beans, and the smell of freshly baked goods. He pushed his sleeves up, deciding to tackle the pile of dishes first, and then he was going to try and bake something. He was not sure yet what he would try to bake, but he definitely wanted to try. He wanted to be useful, he smiled as he scrubbed the plates carefully.

It didn’t take long for him to finish the dishes, once that was done he had suddenly felt inspired to make chocolate chip biscuits. He could remember helping his mum make them as a small child, and how much fun it had been. He sighed happily, smiling fondly as he remembered simple things like that. He found that you took so much for granted as a child, unaware of how special memories and moments like that were. Especially since it was never often that his mum baked biscuits, he still felt guilty when his mum wanted him to help her with some baking, and he refused. The look of hurt across her face was what stuck in his mind, he swallowed, and then decided he would bake the biscuits for her.

He hummed softly to himself as he got the ingredients out, and he read the recipe through thoroughly thinking that they sound simple, even someone like him would be able to do it. He grinned as he began to mix the mixture, stopping every couple of minutes to make sure he was doing it right. Once it mixture was made, he tried it, feeling satisfied with how good it tasted.

Jinki felt so proud as he put one tray of biscuits into the preheated over, now he just had to sit and wait. He sat down at the table, pulling out a textbook, which he started to read and take notes from. Jinki found himself losing focus, getting absorbed by what he was reading, everything else fading away except for the words on the page. It was only when he felt his shoulder being shaken, that he looked up and could smell something burning.

“Oh! My biscuits!” Jinki exclaimed leaping up, and gasping when he opened the oven, smoke pouring out and he eyed his burnt biscuits sadly. “Oh, I burnt them,” he sighed heavily, turning to look at Kibum, with sad, depressed eyes. How was he meant to say sorry to his mum if he could not even bake decent biscuits. He exhaled softly as Kibum touched his arm lightly.

“Yeah, how you missed the smell,” Kibum frowned, “even the customers noticed it,” he raised one eyebrow, deciding not to tell Jinki it was Minho who had commented on the burning smell. “But hey you have one more tray to bake,” Kibum grinned, “So you can bake this one and set the timer so it doesn’t burn!” He grinned, flapping his arms around to get rid of the smoke.

Thirty minutes later, Kibum smiled happily as he watched Jinki load the second tray in, he set the timer before he sat down at the table again. Kibum patted him on the shoulder before he went back into the café, the new guy, Cheol Yong was pretty good, but Kibum did not want to leave him alone just yet. He just hoped that Jinki’s biscuits turned out alright the second time around.

Once again Jinki was completely engrossed in his reading, so when the timer went off he got a massive fright. He leapt up immediately, and since the air still had a slight burn smell he immediately thought the café was on fire. Jinki yelped and got up, looking around nervously, before he ran out the backdoor of the kitchen, stepping out into the cool garden.

He blinked once out there because the fire alarm seemed much too quiet, plus no one else was outside and he could see no sign of smoke anywhere. He frowned and glanced up at the café, eyes studying the building intently to look for signs of a fire, he walked up and peeped in the door again, gasping when he remembered the biscuits. He pressed his palm over his face, feeling like a complete idiot, as he realised it was the oven timer going off.

Jinki immediately stepped into the kitchen, walking quickly over and turning the oven timer off, he swallowed as he opened the oven, looking in nervously to inspect his biscuits. His eyes lit up as he saw how perfect they looked, they were not overdone or under baked, they looked perfect. He felt so proud of himself as he lifted the tray out and put it down to cool. He looked up to see Kibum coming towards him with Jonghyun, both smiling.

“Jinki-hyung, aw you didn’t burn them this time.” Kibum grinned happily, “I am so proud of you.” He touched Jinki on the arm lightly, “so can we try them soon?” He eyed the biscuits eagerly, licking his lips unconsciously, making Jonghyun laugh with his display.

“Yeah we should make sure that they’re edible,” Jonghyun commented, and ten minutes later Jinki was nervously pacing up and down. Watching Jonghyun and Kibum pick up one of his biscuits, teasingly neither of them said a word as they bit into the biscuits. He could feel his heart racing as he watched them eat them silently. Once Kibum had eaten half, he picked up a second biscuit and walked out into the café, Jinki gasped as he walked out. He looked dejected, deciding that his biscuits must be terrible, he glanced over to see Jonghyun reaching for a second one.

“Hm, I think I need another one, just to you know eat them up since they’re so terrible!” He nodded as he started on the second. Jinki exhaled loudly, turning away to start cleaning up after his disastrous biscuits, when Jonghyun touched his arm lightly. “Hyung, don’t be so hard on yourself, they’re delicious, I was only joking about them being terrible.” Jinki opened his mouth to speak but Kibum bet him to it.

“They’re delicious hyung!” Kibum grinned looked radiant and happy, he had given Minho one of the biscuits to try, and the taller boy had said it was delicious. “Really delicious, I want to eat more right now!” He grinned as he nodded his head, Jinki felt so incredibly happy hearing that, to know that his biscuits had not been a complete waste of time.


Jinki soon found that he established a routine, with his library and café job. If he had classes in the morning he would go straight to the library and work there, and go to the café later in the day. If he had a free morning then he would go to the café earlier, and then go to the library job. It was full on, but Jinki liked to be busy, and he enjoyed both jobs.

Even if he did stuff up more in the kitchen, he still had fun, trying to bake things and trying to help. He also missed serving the customers and making coffee, but he didn’t mind it too much. The goal after all was to get over Minho, he figured if he didn’t see him, he would be able to get over him slowly. So he hid out in the kitchen never venturing out to talk to Kibum. When he arrived that day, it was mid afternoon, and almost everything had been done except the dishes. Quite often it was the case, that the dishes were left for him.

He hummed softly to himself as he washed the dishes, he didn’t mind washing dishes that much. At least this way he did not have to see Minho or anyone else. He realised it was kind of pointless trying to get over Minho, but he felt like it was something that he needed to do, even if he had no idea why. He quietly lectured himself, remembering that he knew Minho would never like him back so it was pointless to keep hurting by liking him.

“Hyung,” Kibum rushed into the kitchen, “I’m going to class now, Cheol Yong is still here, but if he needs help he will just call you.” Kibum nodded his head, “It should be fine, and Jjong will be getting back soon.” Kibum nodded touching Jinki lightly on the shoulder before he bounded off. Jinki was relieved that the Taemin thing had not upset the balance between them, he had no idea of what was going on between the two but he never saw anything so it was okay.

“Okay,” Jinki mumbled too late after the other boy was gone. He shrugged, turning back to attack the rest of the dishes. He began to hum again softly to himself, not really paying attention, until he felt pain. Jinki frowned and looked down, to see that he had cut his finger on the knife he was washing, his eyes widened and he reached for something to wrap around his finger.

He grabbed a paper towel, managing to drop the whole lot. He sucked on his finger, as he ripped one paper towel off, dumping the mess of paper towels on the bench. He was going to have to get someone else to bandage it because it looked quite bad. He felt slightly faint as he saw the blood staining the paper towel, he grimaced and hurried towards the front of the café faster.

“Kibum, Kibummie?” Jinki called out, not looking up from his bleeding finger, “Um, can you give me a hand?” he mumbled, forgetting that no one was meant to know he was working there. “Kibum?” Jinki spoke louder, frowning when no one replied. He swallowed, feeling more dizzy as he looked down and saw the blood, when he lifted his face, he gulped seeing Minho right there.

“Hyung,” Minho’s eyes widened, he quickly steered the boy back into the kitchen, “Kibum’s not here.” Jinki just nodded his head numbly, letting Minho take over. He shivered slightly when Minho held his hands, unwrapping the paper towel, and inspecting the wound. He covered it again, looking right into Jinki’s eyes seriously, “where is the first aid kit?”

“It’s here,” Jinki glanced up to see Cheol Yong standing there, holding it out, with a shocked expression across his face. Jinki just swallowed, watching as Minho took the kit, his hand felt cold now that Minho was no longer touching it, he wanted him to hold his hand again. He felt so happy, light and fluttery when Minho took his hand again even if he was only putting on a band aid.

The sight of Minho kneeling in front of him, face deep in concentration, made Jinki’s heart want to stop dead, especially when he gripped his hand so gently. Glancing up every so often to look up at Jinki, it was almost unbearably perfect, Jinki wanted to smile even if there was blood and his finger stung. He tried to keep his expression neutral, but failed miserably.

“Oh hyung, you need to be more careful.” Minho frowned slightly, his fingers still resting against Jinki’s, “Gosh I nearly had a heart attack when I saw all the blood.” He shook his head, “Just as well I was here. It’s pretty deep but it should be okay.” He nodded his head and Jinki stared down at Minho’s hand still touching his own.

“Thank you,” Jinki whispered, “Thank you Minho-ya,” he mumbled again, smiling softly, his face pale.

“Hm, I think you should go home,” Minho pouted, “You look unwell, ah I hope someone else gets here soon, so you can go home.” Minho squeezed Jinki’s hand lightly, as if he reassure him, but it just made Jinki feel even more giddy. He swallowed, staring down at their hands, he could feel the steady beat of his heart increasing the more he looked down at their hands. Minho’s fingertips were slightly rough and callused, but Jinki never wanted him to let go.


Minho let go of Jinki’s hand as soon as they heard Kibum’s voice, he stood up immediately too. Jinki pouted slightly, blinking his eyes as he stared across at Kibum, feeling annoyed that he had disturbed them. Although Jinki realised he was more annoyed at himself for thinking in that moment it meant something, it meant more than Minho helping him out.

“You’re so pale,” Kibum patted his shoulder, “You should go home.”

“That’s what I said,” Minho commented, “I’ll help him home.” He immediately suggested, “I don’t think he should go home by himself.” Jinki frowned, wishing Minho would just stop being so kind, it only encouraged his stupid heart more. It only made him get his hopes up higher, which was insane because he knew he had no chance. He sighed softly, pouting and looking sad, not realising that both Kibum and Minho were watching him.

“Okay,” Kibum grinned, “I’ll write down our address for you,” He rushed off to get the address and came back moments later with it. Jinki swallowed as both Kibum and Minho helped him to stand up, he wanted to protest but then he realised this was his one chance to be close to Minho, he should just take it, and cherish the memory forever.

Jinki felt dazed for the whole train ride, with Minho right next to him, arm slung casually around his shoulder. He only cut his finger, he couldn’t quite work out why they were fussing so much over him. He thought it was Minho who was making him feel light headed, and once they reached the apartment, Minho left him sprawled against the couch. Jinki shut his eyes, smiling happily as he lay there, breathing in softly. He was about to open his eyes when he heard Minho approaching, but hearing him inhale, he kept his shut.

“I’m going to go, I guess you’re asleep.” Minho mumbled fidgeting with some keys, “Be careful hyung, take care of yourself.” Minho sighed again, and then he whispered, “I wish I knew why you hated me.” At first Jinki thought he imagined it, but then Minho whispered it again, making Jinki freeze and jerk up. But by the time he moved, Minho was already gone, leaving him confused. What? He thinks I hate him? Why would he think that?

kdjfklgf excuse me while I just die in Onew's song T________T; *melts*

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I want some Taekey!!!

Jinki looks more happy, and I'm glad. Even though he's not getting over Minho, it's not making him suffering..

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