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What is love 10; Onew/Minho
Onew Buried Alive
Title: What is love
Author: argh
Part: 10/26(ish)
Rating: PG-13 for now
Word count: 2,765
Pairing: Onew/Minho, Joon/Onew, Taemin/Kibum
Summary: Jinki is madly in love with Minho, who thinks Minho doesn't even know he exists. Jinki has tried to forget Minho, but then he turns up at the same university and makes it even harder for Jinki to forget about him.
Warnings: fucked up tenses, bad grammar :/ and unedited :x sorrryyy oh it's semi long (around 75k).
Notes: This was my nanowrimo fic back in 2010! It's basically unedited, one day I will edit it I promise ;_;
Dedications: written entirely for Daniela no matter what she thinks.
Previous parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine,


Jonghyun was sitting up in the attic again, feeling bored because he had not moved for some time. It was a baking hot day, so he found it stifling and hot up in the attic, the heat making him want to lie down and curl up asleep. He sighed dropping the pen down, before he got up carefully planning to walk around to try and wake up when a crashing noise came from below. Jonghyun stopped where he was, wondering if someone had broken into the café.

Jonghyun started to inch across to the trapdoor when it sprang open, and Jinki appeared, wincing and rubbing his head gingerly. He let out a sigh of relief, at least it was only Jinki crashing around downstairs and not a burglar. He grinned as Jinki lifted himself out, rubbing his head, which Jonghyun figured was the crashing sound he had heard, he tried not to laugh or grin at the other boy.

“Ouch,” Jinki pouted as he sat on the floor, his legs dangling down the hole he had just come up. “Of course I hit my head on a beam,” he sighed softly, “Sorry hi Jjong,” he managed to smile across at the other boy. “I hope you don’t mind me coming up here to disturb you?”

“Nope,” Jonghyun grinned, “I’m glad to see you, I haven’t seen you for ages.” He shrugged, “it’s been what a couple of weeks since you last came into the café?” Jonghyun crossed his arms in front of his chest as Jinki nodded his head, it really had been several weeks.

“Hm, yeah it has been.” Jinki chewed his lip, “Sorry Jjong, I feel bad but do you think I could work here sometimes? The other job doesn’t really pay enough on its own,” Jinki blushed slightly, “I was thinking I could just work in the kitchen?” Jinki swallowed, looking so awkward and unsure to Jonghyun, the way he fiddled with his hands.

“Sure,” Jonghyun grinned, “I’ve been helping Kibum in the café, so we do actually need someone else to help in the kitchen. I have employed someone else to help out, but he still needs to be trained.” Jonghyun nodded his head, “And his shifts are at different times,” he shrugged, “so we’d still need someone, you know I’ve missed seeing you on a daily basis.”

“Oh great,” Jinki smiled so brightly, his body relaxing as he sat there, made Jonghyun aware that the older boy was worrying about asking him if he could work there again. “I’ll do my best, and I promise I will be careful and not cause any accidents or anything.” Jinki eagerly nodded his head, making Jonghyun laugh softly.

“Good, you should make the coffee sometimes too, I swear you make the best coffees. People have commented, saying they miss your lattes and cappuccino’s”. Jonghyun grinned as he saw Jinki blushing from hearing that.

“Hm, but there is someone who makes much better coffee,” Jinki pouted, “I overheard someone talking about it, so don’t keep trying to flatter me.” He mumbled, “I’ll be much better off in the kitchen, out of the way from customers.”

“Hyung,” Jonghyun sighed in exasperation, he was starting to see that Jinki was completely unaware of his own charms. He had no idea that his smiling sunny demeanour and bright personality was one of the reasons people kept coming back. He sighed and just gave up on telling Jinki that, his friend had this real complex, a real problem with thinking that no one would ever find him attractive.


Jinki was exhausted by the time he made it home, he didn’t check to see if Kibum was back yet. Instead he went straight to his room, crashing immediately. He had spent hours at the library studying for a test he had in a few days time, so he was incredibly late home. He sighed happily as he gazed down at his bed, being home at never felt so amazing as it did right then and there. As soon as he tugged his shirt and jeans off, he was in his bed and fast asleep. He slept so soundly that when Kibum returned home he heard nothing at all.

Jinki rolled onto his side happily, smiling as he snuggled further into his blankets. It felt so peaceful and perfect, it was only after he was lying there for some time that Jinki realised something felt weird. He finally opened his eyes, staring in disbelief as he saw the time. Jinki panicked that something had happened to Kibum, he always woke him up and yet Jinki had slept in. He felt so alarmed he got up immediately and rushed through to Kibum’s bedroom.

He did not bother knocking, but just yanked the door open, his eyes widening in disbelief when he saw someone standing there, dressed only in a long shirt. Long slender, milky thighs almost completely revealed to Jinki’s eyes. He gasped, covering his mouth with his hand, and then his eyes, it felt wrong to gaze at the vision of perfection in front of him.

“Hyung,” Taemin grinned, “Are you… embarrassed?”

Jinki peeped between two fingers, watching as Taemin tugged Kibum’s oversized shirt down, glancing warily over at the bed where Kibum was snuggled up in the bedding still. Jinki’s head was reeling, he felt shocked and sick, because Taemin was standing there dressed in only a shirt. Taemin, who was Minho’s boyfriend had cheated on Minho with Kibum. It felt as if the room was spinning for Jinki, his legs shook as he sat down, not even realising that he was half naked too.

It just felt wrong on so many levels, he felt so angry at Kibum and Taemin, angry for hurting Minho like this. He glared across at Taemin and then down at Kibum, who was just lying there with his eyes shut. Jinki shook his head, getting up before storming out of the room. Leaving a bewildered Taemin and Kibum, but Jinki just felt sick and he paced up and down his room until Kibum came and knocked on the door.

“Hyung, can I come in?” Kibum called softly through the door, he didn’t wait for Jinki to answer but opened the door, stepping into Jinki’s bedroom. “Hyung, I guess you’re upset. We didn’t do anything, Taemin just stayed the night.” Kibum explained, “He came over and we were talking about stuff, and then it just got too late.”

“Don’t lie, I saw the way he was dressed.” Jinki glowered, “He’s only in high school, god you disgust me, and what about Minho?”

“We slept in the same bed, I didn’t even touch him.” Kibum argued back, “And what about Minho? He doesn’t own Taemin, he’s not even going out with Taemin, they’re just friends.” Kibum nodded his head, but Jinki still felt uneasy and awkward. He just felt like Taemin was lying, he had seen Minho and Taemin together, he somehow could not believe it.

“I just can’t believe it,” Jinki sighed, “I mean about Minho and Taemin.” He shook his head slowly, “Kibum, don’t hurt Minho, please.” He practically begged feeling like the most pathetic person ever, but even if Minho would never like him, he just wanted him to be happy.

“Jinki-hyung, you said it yourself!” Kibum frowned, Jinki thought he looked annoyed which made no sense, he was the one who should be annoyed. “You told me how Minho was talking about some barista? And that he obviously cared about him a lot,” He flapped his arm around as he talked, “Well I think from what you said, he probably likes that person. So if he has a crush on someone, he can’t be dating Taemin can he?”

Jinki didn’t want to admit that Kibum’s logic made sense, but it really did. He was just too stubborn to admit it, so he set his mouth in a straight line and didn’t say a word. Instead he busied himself with choosing what clothes he would wear that day, ignoring the way Kibum stood hovering off in the background, hands on hips looking annoyed.

“Fine.” Kibum snapped, “But you know I’m right! Whatever, I’m going out now.”

Jinki turned to see his friend rolling his eyes before he stormed out, making him sigh and feel slightly guilty for upsetting Kibum. He was right, but Jinki found it hard to think that Minho and Taemin were not together since he had thought it for months now. It blew his mind to think that maybe, just maybe Minho had been single all this time, although that seemed inconceivable to him. Jinki sighed again, shaking his head before he got ready for university.


Jinki was almost late to his tutorial, and because of this he did not see most of the students arriving. He rarely looked around the class, finding that he felt intimidated if he looked at every students face. So he gazed off into space as he talked and gave them exercises. It was pretty easy most of the time, he sat quietly waiting for them to finish discussing ideas and information, but it did give him time to think.

At the end of the tutorial, when the students were leaving, the door opened and Jinki smiled when he saw the familiar senior step in. He got up, feeling slightly nervous as she came over, he only had met her a few times but he knew she was friends with some of Changsun’s friends. He nodded and smiled, not seeing the other students waiting to talk to him.

“Jinki-ya, do you think I could borrow you later?” She asked, offering him a sweet smile, and Jinki felt his heart flutter slightly. He immediately nodded his head, “Oh thank you, Changsun-hyung said you could probably help me out. I’m having issues with my computer, I hate to ask you, so only if you have free time?”

“Eun hye-noona, it’s fine.” Jinki smiled nodding his head eagerly, she was such a sweet and lovely girl. Jinki sometimes wished he was straight because if he was, he would want to go out with someone like her. “I can help you right now, if you’re free?”

“Oh that would be awesome,” She nodded her head, “But I think some of the students want to ask you questions, so we can meet later,” she indicated with her hand, and Jinki turned, eyes widening as he saw Minho standing there blinking his eyes at him. Jinki practically gaped, he was blind if he hadn’t even noticed Minho in his tutorial.

“Ohh, Minho-ssi?” Jinki blinked, “Did you want something?” He asked, noticing that Minho actually looked uncomfortable, he wondered if it was Yoon Eun Hye’s presence that made him feel that way. He felt slightly jealous at that thought, but he could not blame him really. He found himself staring at the other male because he had not seen him for two weeks, so it was hard for him to tear his eyes away.

“Um, not really, I just wanted to talk to you about something. But it can wait.” He pressed his hands into jeans pockets and then walked off, leaving Jinki alone with Yoon Eun Hye. He frowned slightly, as he watched Minho leave, breathing out softly as he turned to face her again. Eun Hye’s eyes were lit up, she smiled brightly across at him.

“Oh,” she winked, “You like him don’t you?” Jinki’s jaw dropped open in surprise as she lightly punched him in the arm, “It’s okay, I won’t tell anyone.” She grinned, “I think it’s cute actually.” She nodded her head, and Jinki figured there was little point in denying it but he felt embarrassed to think he was so obvious.

“H-how did you know?”

“Just the way you stared at him, I don’t know I just felt it.” She shrugged, “I notice these things sometimes.” He cocked her head to one side, “Don’t worry,” she added touching his arm lightly when she saw how horrified and alarmed he looked, “I don’t think it’s obvious, I can just tell.” She nodded her head again.

“I hope not! Anyway I’ll come and help you with your problem now?” Jinki offered, smiling when Eun Hye nodded her head. They left the room, chattering away quietly as they walked towards her office, Jinki just hoped he could help her fix the problem.


When Jinki was not seeing Minho, time seemed to move so slowly to him. As if he was suspended in time, the days were long and boring. He kept spending extra hours at the library working unpaid just to fill in the hours. He wanted to see Minho, he desperately wanted to go the café, but he felt it was best to just avoid him. Jinki figured the only way he would get over him, would be to avoid seeing him. The more he saw Minho, the more he wanted to see him, and it only made his heart hurt. But it also meant he didn’t see Kibum and Jonghyun much anymore.

Jinki meandered slowly down the road, feeling slightly depressed as he walked home. He breathed out softly, hoping that Kibum was home already, he had spent the day alone, so he really felt like he needed to talk to someone. Jinki’s phoned beeped, and as he started to look at it, he suddenly remembered that Kibum had invited Jonghyun over for dinner. Jinki breathed in softly, remembering that made him feel so much better.

He read the text message, Hyung, can you stop off at the store and get something to drink? Please, sorry to be a nuisance! See you soon! ;) Jinki read it, but didn’t bother to reply, instead he turned around and headed back to the store. Jinki stood in front of the cool fridge just staring in as he decided what he wanted to drink. Unaware that while he stood in the shop, Minho was walking down the street, almost in the exact same place that Jinki had walked.

By the time he left the shop, bags in his hands, he had just missed Minho literally by minutes. Jinki’s good mood was still in place, because he was blissfully unaware of Minho’s presence. He had no idea that they lived so close by, and that they often passed each other on the street, only not seeing each other because of all the other people in the area.

Jinki hummed softly to himself as he entered the flat, feeling happier and more excited than he had for days. He grinned when Kibum hugged him lightly, it was obvious he missed seeing him more too. They had been working and living together for so long, they both found it hard. Jinki knew they had a weird relationship, a lot of people assumed that they were dating because they were so close, but there was no physical attraction between them, they had just gone through a lot together.

“Hyung!” Kibum smirked, “I hear you’re coming back to work in the café soon,” he sounded so happy and excited that Jinki found he felt even more energetic and happy than he had earlier. “I’m so glad, it’s been so fucking boring without you!” He pouted, nodding his head.

“Yeah, I am.” Jinki grinned, poking Kibum in the shoulder, “Oh so you missed me did you?” He teased the other boy, laughing as he started to tickle his friend. Kibum giggled and just nodded his head, trying to escape from Jinki’s tickling hands. He managed to dart away, his eyes widening as he remembered something.

“Ohhh, hyung,” Kibum panted softly, “do you want to go to the movies with me and a few other people?” He smiled, “Sorry I was asked a few days ago but I forgot to mention it. On Saturday, to see that new movie we were talking about?” He asked sounding hopeful, Jinki didn’t think anything of it but he immediately agreed to go.

“Okay good, I was hoping you’d say yes! Do you want to help me,” Kibum batted his eyelashes at Jinki, making the older boy laugh softly, “Please? I don’t want things to be a pigsty when Jjong gets here! So it’ll be faster if you help me?”

“Hee, you don’t think I’ll make more of a mess?” Jinki grinned, “Or destroy something?” He joked, feeling relieved when Kibum immediately shook his head. He felt much better knowing that Kibum did not associate him with just dropping or breaking things or creating a mess.

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