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what is love #20
Title: What is love
Author: argh
Part: 20 of 25(ish)
Rating: PG-13 for now
Word count: 3,043
Pairing: Onew/Minho, Taemin/Kibum
Summary: Jinki loves working in this cafe, until a particular person begins to frequent it, and the person that Jinki tried so hard to get over. University!AU. I suck at summaries ;_;
Warnings: long neverending fic XD (around 75k).
Notes: This was my nanowrimo fic back in 2010!
Dedications: written entirely for Daniela no matter what she thinks.
Previous parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen & nineteen, twenty,

Note: Man I abandoned this fic majorly :( oops. I'll post the rest now...

Minho smiled as he spotted Jinki, he was going to call out but he figured the other wouldn’t hear him. Instead he hurried across the snow covered grass, taking care to avoid groups of people having private discussions, he tried to walk faster, conscious of the snow underfoot and how icy it was, he sighed because he could see Jinki was getting further away from him. He hadn’t seen Jinki since their date, the older boy hadn’t replied to his text messages, and when Minho phoned the night before he had been out.

It made Minho worry that something had changed, he felt slightly anxious as he tried to catch up to Jinki. He felt relieved when he was back on the tarmac again, he could walk faster now. Minho raced along and just when he was about to call out to Jinki, he heard someone else mutter his name. Minho stopped feeling sick or awkward as he saw a guy he had often seen hanging around with Jinki.

“Jinki-ya, how are you?”

Minho tried not to watch too obviously as he saw Changsun pull Jinki into a hug, it made him feel a little uncomfortable. He swallowed, stepping back not sure if he should approach Jinki right then or not. Minho decided to wait because he never saw Jinki around the university anymore, he wanted to talk to him desperately. So he stood in the background listening to Jinki and Changsun talk, feeling awkward until he noticed what they were saying.

“Hey, you’re looking so much happier than last time I saw you,” Changsun winked, “I guess you sorted things out with that guy?” Minho wished he could see Jinki’s expression although he felt guilty for eavesdropping. He decided not to wait to hear what Jinki said, it was wrong to be listening in like this. Minho exhaled softly and walked away, deciding to send Jinki a text, he smiled deciding that no matter what he would go around and visit him that night.

Minho felt better now that he had decided what he was going to do, he smiled walking towards the café because he realised that Taemin was probably waiting for him. They had hardly been going there but since Minho had started seeing Jinki they found themselves migrating back there again. Minho opened the door, blinking in surprise when he saw that Jinki was there too, talking to Kibum at the counter with his friend.

Minho waved at Taemin, motioning for him to stay put as he walked up to the counter, he put his arms around Jinki’s waist, laughing softly when the other boy jumped and tried to jerk away. Minho felt slightly giddy when he saw Jinki recognise him, the way he immediately smiled and looked happy.

“Hey hyung,” Minho replied reaching out to touch Jinki’s arm lightly, “I’ve missed you, you haven’t been replying to my text messages.” He resisted the urge to pull Jinki into his arms, since he could feel the other guy staring at him.

“Oh sorry Minho,” Jinki replied looking embarrassed, “I forgot to charge my phone, and then I didn’t want to text you that late.” Minho felt slightly jealous as he saw Jinki turn to look at Changsun, “oh this is Choi Minho,” Jinki introduced him, “And this Lee Changsun,” Jinki smiled looking sheepish, “Sorry I never introduced you guys before.”

“It’s not like we’ve seen each other before,” Changsun smiled, and Minho hated him on principle, because he was so good looking, not to mention muscular. Plus Minho had seen him around, but he figured that Changsun hadn’t noticed him because he wasn’t that good looking. “Anyways nice to finally meet you Minho, but I better get going, see you later Jinki-ya.” Changsun smiled politely to Minho, waving at Jinki before he walked out of the café, leaving Minho and Jinki standing there.

“Ah hey,” Kibum smiled at Minho as he came out of the kitchen, “you’re back, it feels like forever since you came here,” he raised one eyebrow as he saw how Minho’s hand kept inching out towards Jinki’s body, but he didn’t say anything. Minho coughed and forced himself to hand his hand still against his side, when he saw how amused Kibum looked, “Anyway I am just glad you’re back here again.”

“Me too,” Minho turned to look at Jinki, unable to stop himself from smiling infectiously across at the other boy, “Me too, I’m glad about a lot of things these days,” He rumbled in his smooth deep voice, eyes never leaving Jinki’s velvety eyes. He turned to catch Kibum rolling his eyes, laughing softly at him, or at them perhaps.

“Yeah yeah, I get it. You’re happy, now did you want a latte?”

Minho could feel Jinki’s eyes on him, he turned to see Jinki tapping his fingers against the counter, lip loosely drawn in between his teeth. Minho started to nod his head, but he stopped midway, realising that for one Kibum was the one perched behind the counter, with the black apron. Jinki on the other hand, was standing next to him, rugged up in his winter clothes.

“Yeah, I want a latte,” Minho held up his hand to stop Kibum from rushing to action, “but only if Jinki-hyung makes it.” He smiled dreamily, “I haven’t had a coffee made by him for a long time, please hyung?” He turned to other boy, doing his best impression of a puppy dog, trying to melt Jinki’s defences down. He smiled triumphantly when Jinki shyly nodded his head.

“Thank you,” Minho hummed softly to himself as he went and sat down with Taemin, who just blinked across a him.

“That took you long enough,” Taemin dryly commented, “Um, I finished all my homework with Kibum-hyung’s help.” He shrugged looking down to hide his expression, but Minho saw it anyway.

“Hey are you guys okay,” Minho reached out to touch Taemin’s arm lightly, “did you guys break up?”

“No I’m not really okay,” Taemin sighed, “yeah, I wanted more,” Taemin shrugged his narrow shoulders, a bitter smile across his face, “I understand and maybe we work better as friends. But it is still hard to accept, he didn’t realise I was fine with how things were.” Taemin frowned, “I didn’t need more.” He let his breath out in slow little gasps when he realised that Minho had no idea what he meant.

“Don’t worry, it’s fine really. I’ll be fine.” Taemin quickly nodded his head, ducking his head down when he saw Kibum coming over with a tray. Minho watched biting his lip when he saw affectionately Kibum eyed the other way, the way he clearly wanted to touch Taemin, it was so complicated he could see. “How are things with Jinki-hyung?” Taemin’s voice sounded strained and tense, Minho could see him watching Kibum as he put the latte down.

“Taeminnie, it’s early days,” Minho sighed, “Don’t pressure us or me, we haven’t been out a second time yet.” He drummed his fingertips against the tabletop, “I should ask him now, I should ask him out now.” Minho wet his lips, smiling warmly as he saw how Taemin grinned across at him. “I really want things to work out, just because I love him, it doesn’t mean it will. But,” Minho paused, “I’m going to give it my all. I’m going to ask him out right now, nothing is going to stop me.”

“Yes, hyung, you should ask him out now.” Taemin nodded his head and Minho noticed for the first time how he was gazing past Minho at something else. He picked up his latte sipping it and sighing in perfect contentment because it really was perfect.

“Hi,” Jinki mumbled shyly, “Sorry I wasn’t er, um,” Jinki trailed off lamely, tugging on the apron tied loosely around his middle, “trying to eavesdrop I was just coming over to say hi.” He turned and made out as if he was going to run away but Minho reached over and caught his wrist, stopping him effectively in his tracks.

“Hyung, don’t keep running,” Minho reeled Jinki in, and because he hadn’t planned any of this, and there was nowhere to sit he just pulled Jinki to sit on his lap. “Please, I’m not going to hurt you,” Minho wrapped his arms firmly around Jinki’s waist, smiling when the older male finally stopped squirming in his lap, although he was still blushing slightly.

“Do you want to go and see a movie with me?” Minho asked tightening his grip on Jinki, “we’ll have dinner before or after of course.” Minho could feel Kibum watching, and Taemin was grinning happily as he watched this little exchange. Minho looked back at Jinki, smiling as he saw how shyly he looked down, then he lifted his face up, brushing back his hair before he nodded his head.

“Yeah, I’d like that a lot,” Jinki’s voice was soft and thoughtful, and to anyone else it might seem as if he was not keen, but there was intensity behind his words. “I uh am free tonight, or you know tomorrow night,” Jinki babbled, licking his lip carefully before he looked across at Minho.

“Good, I’ll pick you up at 7.” Minho squeezed him lightly, feeling excited as he thought about what he was planning to do. He reached up to touch Jinki’s hair, fingers running through the strands softly, smiling as the older boy leaned into his touch, his eyes half shut as he let Minho stroke his hair and cheek.

“God, if they’re this touchy and feely before they’ve even fucked, shit I’d hate to see them after they do fuck.”

Minho’s head snapped up and around as he heard Jonghyun’s words, quickly followed by an indignant hiss from Kibum. Jinki leapt of Minho’s lap so fast he could do nothing but watch him shift away, his entire face bright red, even the tips of his ears. Minho blinked his eyes as he gazed coolly across at Jonghyun, feeling relieved that there would be no disturbances that night.


Kibum shot Jonghyun dirty looks when they were cleaning up the café that night. Kibum wondered if something was up with Jonghyun, he had been acting strange lately, making a lot of random comments and he seemed stressed and tense. Kibum shook his head, deciding it still didn’t excuse the comments he had made in front of Minho and Jinki and the other customers.

“Jjong, are you okay?” Kibum stopped wiping one of the tables, the damp cloth still in his hand as he straightened up. He blinked his eyes slowly, watching as Jonghyun continued to wipe the table carefully, once he finished he straightened up and looked across at Kibum. “I just mean, you’ve been acting weird for the last few days.”

“I’m okay,” Jonghyun grinned cheekily, “Really, maybe I’m just jealous of Minho and Jinki,” he shrugged, “Pathetic I know but true.”

“Is that all it really is?” Kibum stepped closer, forehead furrowed as he studied his friend’s expression, he could sense that something else was up. He knew Jonghyun so well that he could easily sense that something was troubling him. “Jjong, what’s up, please, you’re starting to worry me.”

“Fine, fine,” Jonghyun sighed heavily, he pulled a chair out and sat sideways on it, “I guess I’ve just been thinking about the future,” he bit his lip, “about my dreams, and I realised I’m not that satisfied just working here. I mean it’s been great, but I hope my uncle comes back soon.” He swallowed, “I know I sound selfish saying that when he gave me this great chance.”

“Jjong, you don’t sound selfish,” Kibum hoped Jonghyun could hear the sincerity in his voice, “I think you should chase you dreams, you need to what will make you happy.” He nodded his head, “After all you don’t want to have regrets about not doing anything. So go for your dreams, your uncle can always get someone else to manage this place.” Kibum shrugged, “Don’t let this place hold you back.”


Jinki tried to smile as he looked at himself in the mirror, his hands were all sweaty, he felt so nervous. Kibum was usually there before he had any sort of date, so he felt more nervous without no one to distract him. He had dressed casually, because Minho said he liked to see him comfortable, but Jinki worried he was too casual and that Minho might not like it. He was debating with himself on whether he needed to change when the doorbell rang. Jinki swallowed and then he walked out of the bathroom shaking slightly, but feeling excited at the same time.

He breathed in deeply before he opened the door, smiling up as he saw Minho leaning casually against the railing. Jinki felt relieved when he saw how Minho was dressed, just in a pair of dark blue jeans and a casual shirt, he felt like he was dressed suitably. Jinki slipped his shoes on and when he looked up, he swallowed when he saw Minho had shifted, and was now right in front of him.

“Are you ready?” Minho his voice sounding so husky, Jinki’s swallowed feeling so nervous, until Minho smiled across at him, his eyes filled with so much warmth despite the chill in the air. Jinki just felt all his insecurities melt away, he nodded and took Minho’s proffered hand. “I thought we could walk,” Minho’s hand was warm around his smaller one, Jinki liked that idea, he liked the idea of walking down the street in the cold, with Minho’s warm hand around his.

Jinki didn’t expect that ten minutes later he would be stomping the snow out of his shoes at Minho’s apartment, he looked inquisitively at the other boy, wondering if he had misunderstood Minho. He was sure the other invited him to watch a movie with him, but he thought maybe he had misheard him, or they were going to pick up something.

“Come in,” Minho smiled warmly, opening the door wide, encouraging Jinki in, the apartment was toasty warm and cozy and inviting. Jinki took his shoes off, feeling the thud of his heart as he shut the door behind him, the warmth reaching out to wrap him snug in its arms. “I thought, we could stay here and watch a movie.” Minho suggested, “I know I said the movies, but I thought it would be more private this way.” He nodded his head, making Jinki’s heart flutter at that idea. When he stepped into the living room his eyes boggled at the huge television screen, Jinki was sure last time he was there it was much smaller, this thing was huge. Jinki noticed the couch had been moved back. He loved how Minho had turned the lights off, placing a few candles around the room, it was darkly romantic and perfect for watching a movie.

“Wow,” Jinki mumbled, gazing around appreciatively, “Y-you’ve gone to a lot of trouble, Minho-ya,” he stammered out nervously, eyes going wide as he realised that lovely smell was probably something Minho was cooking. Minho was beaming as he stood there, Jinki just smiled happily at him because he could see Minho was happy that he appreciated it. But Jinki couldn’t imagine anyone not appreciating this, Minho he could see was very considerate.

“No I haven’t gone to any trouble,” Minho tilted to one side, “doing stuff like this is not ‘trouble’, it was something I wanted to do.” Minho nodded his head, “Oh, do you want to eat first or start watching a movie? I borrowed a whole heap, so hopefully there is something you’d like.” Minho pointed to the large pile of DVD’s and Jinki gaped, staring at the massive pile. He knelt on the floor and started to look through him, grinning when he saw one of his favourite movies.

“Um, is this okay?” Jinki asked shyly, holding up the dvd, and Minho just grinned and nodded his head, Jinki just sighed in relief, “Can we eat first, I’m kind of feeling hungry?” Jinki asked, laughing softly when he heard Minho’s stomach grumbling. Jinki wondered at that moment why he had felt so insecure, why he had felt so awkward, he felt at ease now.

“Haha yeah, I’m starving too,” Minho grinned, “It’ll be another ten minutes sorry,” he apologised as he came to sit next to Jinki. “I feel like you’ve been avoiding me, or am I just being paranoid?” Minho asked as he pouted across at Jinki, making the older wince slightly.

“Yeah I guess I was,” Jinki swallowed, “I was just… worried that somehow I’d scared you off. You know with all my clumsiness and stuff,” Jinki felt silly for admitting it, especially when he saw Minho shifting closer, reaching out to touch his arm. “I just yeah, felt embarrassed for you know, everything.” Jinki wanted to stop talking, but the words kept pouring out, “For the morning you know, god how awkward. And then I stubbed my toe, cut my leg, just so embarrassing.”

Jinki felt his cheeks flame up as he saw the way Minho eyed him, he gulped nervously as Minho licked his lips softly and then just shook his head.

“I uh, didn’t think it was embarrassing at all,” Minho blinked his eyes, coughing slightly, “I found it kind of sexy, you know the way your hair was messed up, and you looked half asleep.” Minho coughed, he avoided Jinki’s surprised gazed, Jinki was stunned to hear Minho saying that. “And yeah, just really um sexy,” he swallowed, “I just wanted to um kiss you.”

“So… you didn’t think ‘what a clumsy git’?” Jinki asked in surprise, his brain ignoring the fact that Minho had just called him sexy, “You really didn’t think that?”

“No,” Minho looked confused, “Why would I think that?”

“Because I am a clumsy idiot.”

“No, no you’re not.” Minho frowned, shaking his head firmly, “you’re not, you’re perfect Jinki-hyung.” Minho slid his arms around Jinki’s waist, resting his head on his shoulder, “you’re perfect to me anyways.” Jinki squeezed his eyes shut, feeling so happy he could almost cry as Minho hugged him tightly.



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