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What is love #17
Title: What is love
Author: argh
Part: 17/26(ish)
Rating: PG-13 for now
Word count: 2,575
Pairing: Onew/Minho, Taemin/Kibum
Summary: Jinki loves working in this cafe, until a particular person begins to frequent it, and the person that Jinki tried so hard to get over. University!AU. I suck at summaries ;_;
Warnings: long neverending fic XD (around 75k).
Notes: This was my nanowrimo fic back in 2010!
Dedications: written entirely for Daniela no matter what she thinks.
Previous parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen,

Note: no poll this time *too lazy* and only posting because my Sarah umma 8D nagged reminded me to post^^;;


Jinki opened the front door, blinking as he stepped into the apartment, he bit down into his lip feeling nervous as Minho followed him into the apartment. Jinki felt so incredibly happy as he glanced down at their shoes, lined up neatly next to each other, it filled him with warmth to see that. He shyly glanced up at Minho, about to say something when Kibum appeared with a huge smile.

“Oh Jinki-hyung, I am so sorry!” Kibum apologised, pouting, “I went to talk to Taemin, and then when we went back into the hospital I was so shocked to hear you were discharged!” Kibum nodded his head firmly, “So I raced back here feeling terrible for not bringing you back.” He rambled away, until he noticed Jinki rubbing his temples as if he had a headache.

“It’s okay,” Minho grinned, “I was more than capable of taking care of him.” Minho grinned touching Jinki’s shoulder lightly, “In fact I was glad you weren’t around, I don’t mean that in a bad way,” he shrugged his shoulders elegantly. “It was just good to be able to take care of him, especially since he needed it.” Minho continued, and Kibum nodded his head in understanding.

“Yeah, Jinki-hyung can be pretty stubborn, but I think you’ll be great for him.” Kibum smiled, “I’m so glad everything worked out in the end,” Kibum smiled happily, “it’s fantastic.”

“Um, hello?”

Both Kibum and Minho turned frowning slightly, as they saw Jinki, standing there with his hands on his hips looking irritated. Kibum opened his mouth to ask what was up, but Jinki got in first.

“You know I’m right here, you don’t need to talk about me like I’m not.” He pouted, “It seems kind of rude.” He shrugged, “you could include me in the conversation, I mean you were, but by actually including me, not just talking about me.” Jinki pouted, feeling slightly offended that Minho was treating him this way, it made him worry and wonder if things would work out between them. Maybe he was right the first time that their feelings were no longer real, he shivered slightly and tried to push that thought out of his head.

“Sorry hyung,” Kibum apologised first, “I didn’t mean to, you know what I’m like.”

“I’m sorry Jinki-hyung, I didn’t mean to do that to you either.” Minho apologised second, but his tone and way he reached across to touch Jinki’s wrist lightly, made Jinki feel ten times better. “I guess it’s just because Kibum and I have been talking about you for a while now,” Minho nodded and smiled shyly, “he was the one who told me to go to that party.”

“Ohh I see,” Jinki frowned across at Kibum, “no wonder he insisted that I dress so neatly for the party, tsk I should’ve realised something was up!” He raised one eyebrow at Kibum, “but thank you for setting that up,” Jinki smiled warmly across at his roommate, “thank you Kibum, you’ve done nothing but be amazing and so supportive to me.” Jinki nodded his head warmly.

“Awww, thank you hyung, you’re too sweet.” Kibum grinned, looking so smug, “Anyway I should go out and give you two sometime alone?”

“Actually, I just came to drop Jinki-hyung home,” Minho sighed, “I have an assignment to finish, but hyung, can I take you out for dinner tomorrow night? I should finish it today, I hope.” Minho sighed heavily, “I hope I can get it done today.”

“Yeah but before you go, can I show you something?” Jinki asked tilting his head to one side, he sighed softly when Minho nodded his head. Jinki turned to face Kibum, “Kibum can you get that sweater, you know.” He ignored the way Kibum mouthed ‘that sweater?’ to him, and the way he frowned as if he thought it was a bad idea. “Yes, that sweater, please.”

Minho looked perplexed until Jinki handed him the sweater, and then he smiled, looking shocked that Jinki still had it. He spread it out and held it up in the air, laughing as he eyed the worn out, faded old sweater. He looked so happy, and Jinki knew it was right to give it back to him.

“Oh this thing,” Minho laughed that rich deep laugh that did something to Jinki’s heart, “Oh that was the first time we talked,” Minho smiled, “But you know, I noticed you before that.” Minho admitted, “I didn’t like you back then, but I was curious about you.” He smiled, and then handed the sweater back to Jinki, “You should keep it.”

“Me? But it was yours, I wanted to return it to you.” Jinki babbled, looking stunned and shocked.

“But you kept it all these years, it’s yours now hyung, just think of it as my first present to you.” Minho reached for Jinki’s hand, holding it lightly. “God,” Minho groaned, “listen to me, I’m being so sappy, I’m sorry.” Minho swallowed, blushing slightly, but Jinki just shook his head looking so incredibly happy.


Jinki frowned as Kibum kept suggesting various outfits and clothes for him, he kept shaking his head feeling more and more annoyed. He hated dressing up, but Kibum argued it was their first real date, he had to make an effort. In the end Jinki let himself be bullied into tight black jeans and a nice shirt, he felt uncomfortable, but Kibum was impressed.

“You look amazing hyung,” Kibum gushed, “perfect, really perfect!”

Jinki pouted slightly, wanting to point out that it wasn’t Kibum he was trying to impress, but rather that it was Minho. The last thing he wanted was to be overdressed when he had no idea where they were going or what they were doing. But Kibum kept shrugging him off, and just saying it would be perfect for him to go dressed like that.

“Fine,” Jinki sighed, “I hope I’m not too over dressed,” he mumbled more to himself as he fiddled with the collar of his shirt, it was tight and driving him a little insane really. It felt awkward and uncomfortable, he sighed when Kibum slapped his hands away and told him to stop fiddling. “But it feels weird, I feel weird!” Jinki huffed, breathing out heavily, as he glared across at Kibum.

“Stop stressing, you’ll be fine!” Kibum frowned, hands on his hips, he opened his mouth to say more when they heard the ding of the doorbell. “Oh,” Kibum winked across at Jinki, “Oh he’s hear now!” He sounded so excited and happy, Jinki felt like telling Kibum to go out with Minho since he seemed so excited about the whole thing. Jinki felt annoyed because he had been so happy and excited about this date, but because Kibum fussed about his clothes so much, he now just wasn’t in the mood.

“Hi, come in!” Kibum greeted Minho loudly, making Jinki wince slightly with the volume, nervously he went over and was surprised to see Minho dressed so casually. He felt even more awkward and odd with his clothes, since Minho was dressed in a loose pair of pants and a faded, worn out sweater. He glared at Kibum, about to complain but his flatmate roughly shoved him out the front door. Even though he had just told Minho to ‘come in’, instead he pushed Jinki so hard he almost tripped, only stopped because Jinki grabbed the doorframe to right himself.

“Go have fun kids!” Kibum called out before he promptly shut the door, leaving Minho and Jinki staring at the shut door, with slightly bewildered expressions.

“Did he have something on, he seemed pretty keen to get you out of the house?”

“I have no idea,” Jinki rubbed his sweaty hands together, shyly glancing across at Minho, “I don’t have a clue.” He blinked his eyes, trying not to pout, trying so hard to not to adjust the damn shirt collar it was driving him insane. Jinki felt even more annoyed at how Kibum had just shoved him out of the house like that, he felt like unlocking the door and shouting at him.

“Well it doesn’t matter,” Minho smiled warmly across at him, “you look good,” he complimented Jinki, but because he felt annoyed he just felt like Minho was making a dig at how over dressed he was, so he bristled slightly. “Shall we go, hyung?” Minho asked when Jinki ignored the compliment, “Since it’s early I thought we could go and do something else before dinner.”

“Oh, yeah I guess it is kind of early.” Jinki brushed his fingers through his hair, messing it up a little as he realised it was still only early afternoon. He felt like a complete idiot, but since he had spent hours arguing with Kibum it felt much later than it was, plus winter meant that the sky was darkening even though it was not that late.

“Yeah it is,” Minho smiled stepping closer to Jinki as they walked out of the apartment building, Jinki shivered slightly, as the wind hit them. “It’s not far from here,” Minho murmured, turning to look at Jinki, making the older male feel awkward because he didn’t know why Minho was staring at him. He shivered slightly realising that Kibum hadn’t given him time to grab his thick jacket.

“Okay, where are we going?” Jinki felt so awkward, he felt all panicky and worried that this would turn out to be a total disaster. It made him feel sick of nerves and worry because he just wanted everything to work out, but the conversation seemed so stilted and awkward. He glanced down at the dirty snow, swallowing as they walked, the only sounds were the usual city noises – the sound of cars and buses, loud music and people talking.

“Somewhere,” Minho winked, “it’s a surprise, I hope you like it.” Minho grinned and two minutes later he was leading Jinki into a sports centre. Jinki felt a lump form in his chest and he felt sick, because he had no idea what he was expected to do. He just followed Minho, wringing his hands together nervously, as he lead him down a corridor.

“Have you heard of racquetball before?” Minho asked as he handed Jinki a funny shaped racquet, Jinki frowned and shook his head. “Oh okay, well I’ve only played a couple of times, so we can be learners together.” He nodded as he opened the door, leading Jinki into a room, with an open area on the second floor, it reminded Jinki of a squash court a little bit. He listened attentively, gulping slightly when Minho explain the rules.

It sounded pretty straightforward and easy Jinki thought, but when they started to play, it only took a matter of minutes before things went wrong. It was going well, minus the fact that Jinki’s clothes were completely unsuitable and uncomfortable, but then Jinki swung his racquet too wide, hitting Minho in the side, bringing the game to an end. Jinki swallowed and apologised profusely for hitting Minho hard across the arm, he felt terrible, but as he was stressing over Minho the ball bounced off the wall and hit him in the head.

Knocking Jinki back in a matter of seconds, and stunning Minho because he had no idea what had just happened until he saw the rubber ball on the floor. Minho knelt down next to Jinki, feeling worried and guilty because he remembered he had hurt his head only two nights before.

“Hyung, are you okay? I’m so sorry!” Minho bit down into his lip, looking so worried, “should we go back to the hospital?” He leant over Jinki, so that his face was inches above the taller, hands reaching out to touch his head, but Jinki just nodded his head, smiling up at Minho.

“I’m fine,” Jinki blinked his eyes, “I’m okay.” He went to sit up, wincing slightly which told Minho he wasn’t really fine, he swallowed feeling guilty. “Honestly, I’m fine, it’s just a little knock on the head.” Jinki nodded his head, looking so earnest and slightly upset that Minho had no idea what to do.

“Well maybe we should get it checked out to be safe.” He suggested, eyeing the other boy carefully for any sign of him feeling unwell.

“Please, don’t say that.” Jinki gulped, the last thing he wanted was to ruin the date with his clumsiness. It just seemed to him, if the date ended here and now with him going to the hospital, that they had no future together. “Please, Minho, I’m really fine.” Jinki hated his body, he hated it so much when he got up, as he tripped on nothing and almost slipped forward.

“Sorry, but I’m worried.” Minho put his arm around Jinki, he pouted, and sulked as Minho took him to the twenty-four hour sports clinic. Jinki felt depressed, but he tried not to show it, but he felt certain that this meant they were doomed. He was silent the whole time they sat in the waiting room, staring ahead blankly, ignoring the way Minho had his arm around his shoulders, and the way he kept looking at him. As far as Jinki was concerned they had no chance, no relationship would work between them.


Kibum hoped like mad that the date went well, he felt a little guilty when he saw Jinki’s jacket on the table, remembering how he had pushed him out of the house in a hurry. He chewed on his lip and paced around the house, until finally Jonghyun turned up. It made everything seem better, sitting on the couch with his best friend, watching silly shows on television. He sighed as he sipped his hot chocolate, feeling warm from the blankets, hot drink and the way Jonghyun was sitting right next to him.

“Hey, do you wanna stay the night?” Kibum asked, “I just realise it’s getting kind of late, I wonder when Jinki will be home?” Kibum mused out loud, turning to look at Jonghyun to catch him winking, and smirking.

“Heh, he might stay at Minho’s for the night, you know, lose his virginity, haha.” Jonghyun laughed until Kibum whacked him in the arm, “What?” Jonghyun whined, rubbing his arm as he glared back at Kibum, “He might, you never know. Minho might be a dangerous horny wolf, eager to take advantage of poor innocent and naïve Jinki,” He shrugged moving away swiftly when Kibum went to hit him again.

“Jjong,” Kibum pouted, “Don’t even say that!” He paled slightly, Jonghyun freezing and then instinctively he just reached across and hugged Kibum, pulling the skinny boy into his arms. “I just mean, god, like Jinki would do something like that!” He frowned, pulling back from Jonghyun, “Ugh, get off me, you’re suffocating me!” Kibum scooted to the far end of the couch as if he was scared of the other boy.

Jonghyun just pouted sadly across at Kibum who was aware of the looks but chose to ignore him. He tried to focus on the television even if it was some mindless rubbish. He hated how Jonghyun kept staring at him, making it almost impossible for him to concentrate on the television. When he heard a noise from the front door, Kibum used that as an excuse, he leapt up immediately and ran to the front door to see if Jinki was home.








dfjghfgk okay. I'll stop with the lyrics now 8D

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that could be taemin right? jinki shouldn't be home yet! its way too early, c'mon! XD

and LMAO at your lyrics... im getting confused what song it is. wahaha... nice update! nice to read that onho's advancing already.. ^^ <3

maybe ;D~ guess you'll find out one day :P

LOL the lyrics ........ I was following the Japan Arena Tour playlist^^;; so it was Start then JoJo ^^

but Jinki could be feeling weak after the knock on the head and need some TLC from Minho in the privacy of his bedroom?? I hope Kibum ends up with happiness, too. I hope I don't nag....

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