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What is love #16
Title: What is love
Author: argh
Part: 16/26(ish)
Rating: PG-13 for now
Word count: 2,721
Pairing: Onew/Minho, Taemin/Kibum
Summary: Jinki loves working in this cafe, until a particular person begins to frequent it, and the person that Jinki tried so hard to get over. University!AU. I suck at summaries ;_;
Warnings: long neverending fic XD (around 75k).
Notes: This was my nanowrimo fic back in 2010!
Dedications: written entirely for Daniela no matter what she thinks.
Previous parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen,

Note: I've created a poll at the bottom to gauge how much... people like/dislike this fic ...

Jinki’s fingers shook as he unfolded the letter, he was so curious to know what Minho said, even if he was still slightly hungover and not feeling that great he could still read. Especially since the nurses said it was too early to discharge patients, he needed something to do to fill in time. Breathing in deeply, he lifted the letter up, his eyes eagerly falling to the paper to read.

Dear 129,

How are you? You know I realised that we’ve been writing to each other for ten months now, ten months! It’s kind of amazing really when you consider that this project was called a ‘failure’. But you know what, to me, it’s definitely not a failure, because of this whole project I got to talk to you. I guess it is pretty obvious how much I enjoy writing to you, because otherwise I wouldn’t keep reading and replying.

Anyway, the point of this wasn’t to say that, but um, I wanted to tell you who I am. You know for the past six months I have really wanted to meet you. In person, I wanted to see you and talk to you. I wanted to discuss some of the things we talked about in letters in person. I hope that we can meet soon, because I would love it. I don’t know if you worked out who I am, but a few weeks ago by chance I discovered who you are.

I realised I could approach you, but I was worried that would freak you out. So I thought, maybe, just maybe if I told you who I am, you might decide to approach me or send me a message. I know I’m asking for a lot, but I hoped I didn’t misunderstand these letters, I hope that you want to meet me to? I think you do, right?

I’m sorry I’m going on and on in this letter, but the one thing I really wanted to say to you, was that I really like you. Talking to you through letters has opened my eyes to so many things, I feel like I see the world so differently now, and it’s thanks to you. I can’t stop thinking about you, and I know it might freak you out, but please understand it’s not my intention. I just feel like It’s wrong not to tell you how I feel, that I’ve fallen in love with you, with a person I’ve never met before.

It sounds so crazy but it is so true, and once I found out who you were, my feelings just grew, which is why I can’t keep them to myself, I have to tell you. I’m sorry, for putting this burden on you, but it felt wrong not to say anything. I understand completely if you are disgusted by my feelings, or can’t accept them, I would never force you into anything. I hope this makes sense, and I really hope we can meet and talk sometime soon, I’ll leave you my locker number, and if you feel like meeting me, you can slip a note into it.

Please take care of yourself, I hope you can accept my feelings.
Choi Minho.
Locker no. 768

Jinki’s heart felt as if it was beating funny as he put the letter down, his mind in complete turmoil. He had no idea how he was meant to react to that letter. He shivered and picked it up, rereading it again, and again until the door opened, he looked up to see Minho standing there, peeking around the door.

“Did you read the letter,” Minho asked as he walked into the room, Jinki just stared at him, blinking his eyes slowly. It was strange because he had known for years that it was Minho that he exchanged letters with, but somehow to know that Minho knew, made it seem all the more real. He sucked in a deep breath and nodded his head, something feel sad because Jinki had this sense that if he had read this letter in the past, things would have worked out. But now he wasn’t so sure, he felt as if they had waited too long.

“I did,” Jinki admitted with a small nod of his head, “But those are feelings from years ago, you can’t expect me to believe you feel like that now. It’s okay, I get it.” Jinki nodded his head, I never got over you, but I get that you moved on a long time ago, you just don’t want to hurt my feelings. “I understand that you’ve changed, moved on etc, so it’s okay. Don’t worry I will get over you,” Jinki smiled bitterly, “You don’t need to stay around here, I’ll be discharged soon.”

“Jinki-hyung, do you know why I’m this university?” Minho ignored Jinki’s words for the time being, “Do you know why I chose this university?”

“Because…” Jinki frowned, shrugging his shoulders, he wondered how Minho expected him to know, “it has a good athletics department?”

“Do you know why I’m doing some computer courses?” Minho replied, “Do you? Why am I studying that? And why at this university, because of one simple reason,” Minho paused to suck in a deep breath, “You, you Lee Jinki, you’re the reason.” Minho smiled across at Jinki, beyond caring what the other thought of him, “When I finished school I thought I was over you, but then I saw you again, and everything just crashed down on me. I dated lots in high school to try and get over you, I like you. I really like you Lee Jinki.”

“I know I’ve gone about things the wrong way, but I really do like you.” Minho nodded his head, crouching down in front of Jinki’s hospital bed. He reached forward to grasp Jinki’s hands, and before the older boy could say or do anything he just leaned forward and kissed him lightly across the lips. It only lasted a second or two, but Jinki felt his world come crashing down over his head, dazed and bewildered he just stared in shock at Minho. Before he could comprehend anything, Minho’s lips claimed his again, softly sliding against his own, until everything was gone but the taste and feel of Minho’s lips smooth against his mouth.


Kibum watched as Minho rushed back into the hospital room, he turned to smile across at Taemin, he realised that his feelings were so different than Minho’s and Jinki’s. Watching the drama play out between the two had made him realise that his feelings for Taemin were more platonic than anything. They had kissed and held hands, but anything more just felt wrong to Kibum. He wasn’t sure if he just wasn’t ready yet, or if he would ever be, but more than anything he wanted Taemin’s friendship.

Guiltily he watched as Taemin sent a text message, his lips curved up into a soft smile, he had no idea how he would tell the other. How Taemin, the beautiful, talented boy would take it. He smiled as Taemin turned to look at him, still smiling as he stared up at Kibum. He was going to have to tell him, he felt a pain in his chest, figuring he had to do it soon.

“Kibum-hyung, what’s wrong, is something the matter?” Taemin finally asked, and Kibum sometimes wished he wasn’t so perceptive.

“I need to tell you something,” Kibum chewed on his lip nervously, “do you want to go outside for a walk? Maybe it’s better to talk out there.” Kibum felt nervous, but when Taemin nodded his head somehow he felt a little better.

“Sure, it would be nice to go out, since we’ve been stuck in here for a few hours.” Taemin shrugged, “We can leave those two for some time, right?” Taemin reached across to grasp Kibum’s hand, touching it to reassure him and make him feel better.

“Yeah, thanks Taeminnie,” Kibum murmured as they started to walk down the corridor towards the elevators. He felt bad but in his heart he knew it was the right thing to do, he had to do it. He nodded his head feeling determined as the elevator took them lower, each second taking them one step closer to the words Kibum dreaded having to say.


Jinki’s eyes fluttered slightly when Minho pulled away from him, cheeks flushed, he just stared with wonder or amazement at Minho. Stunned that he had kissed him, shocked that it had felt like that. He wanted to feel Minho’s lips again, he wanted to drink him in, but most of all he wanted to know that he was indeed awake and not suspended in the most amazing dream.

“Excuse me, Jinki-ssi.”

Both Jinki and Minho turned at the intrusion, Jinki’s cheeks going bright red as he wondered if the person had seem them kiss. He looked to see a nurse standing in the doorway, and Jinki felt shy and awkward, he wondered what the nurse wanted, he frowned when he saw her push a wheel chair into the room.

“You can go home now,” the nurse nodded her head, “I’m here to take you down to reception.”

“Oh,” Jinki’s eyes widened, he glanced over to see that Minho was watching him closely, he got up, stumbling and almost falling again, but Minho’s arms were around his waist in an instant. Drawing him loosely against his body, Jinki felt all hot and flustered as he looked up to see Minho smirking softly down at him.

“Are you okay, hyung?” Minho asked gently, his palm warm across Jinki’s back lightly, he nodded his head, but he felt like shaking it because Minho dazzled him so much. “Okay, I hope you really are,” Minho stroked his hand down Jinki’s back, pulling him in to rest closer against Minho’s body. But Jinki started to feel uncomfortable, shifting back when he heard the nurse cough.

“I um, need to change,” Jinki’s voice came out as a high squeak, making him feel even worse, but instead of Minho laughing like he thought he would, he leaned down and kissed his nose lightly. Minho stepped back after that, staring at Jinki as the nurse pulled the curtain shut around the hospital bed so he could change.

Ten minutes later Jinki, was grumpily sitting in the wheelchair, wondering why he had to be pushed around like that when his legs were perfectly fine. He huffed when the nurse said it was hospital protocol, and Minho agreed he should be pushed. He pouted feeling pissed off that Kibum and Taemin had apparently buggered off too. They were nowhere to be seen, leaving Jinki to the mercy of Minho and Jinki’s imagination – what if Minho secretly was a homicidal maniac, what if he wanted to chop Jinki up and cook him for dinner?

“Jinki-hyung, are you sure you’re feeling alright?” Minho leaned right down, bringing his face level with Jinki’s, dark brown eyes staring deeply into his, and Jinki could see the worry in his expression. Jinki swallowed, nodding his head as Minho flashed him a tender smile, his fingers reaching for Jinki’s hand lightly. Jinki realised he didn’t mind at all being stuck with alone with Minho, in fact he couldn’t be happier.

“I’m fine,” Jinki mumbled, “the sooner I get out of his chair, the better. It was only a little knock on the head, yet they made me stay in here overnight,” He grumbled more to himself, only stopping and feeling embarrassed when he looked up to see the smirk across Minho’s face. “Oh, sorry,” he whispered, “I just hate hospitals despite my fatal attraction to them.”

“Oh it better not be fatal,” Minho frowned slightly, “I’ll make sure you never have to come near one again, unless you want to.” Minho promised, nodding his head sagely as they finally approached the reception. Minho had somehow managed to talk the nurse into leaving them alone, which seemed a little odd. But once he was discharged he didn’t care, he just wanted to get out of the chair and home.

“Hyung,” Jinki almost leapt out of the chair, but Minho reminded him in a firm voice, “Jinki-hyung, just wait, don’t get up yet.” Jinki pouted up at Minho, but he sighed and let the taller male push him out into the glorious sunshine, well it seemed wonderful until it dug up the remnants of Jinki’s headache making him want to shrivel up and die.

Jinki shielded his eyes, and just as he was about to open them so he could get up, he felt arms surrounding him. Jinki frowned and opened his eyes to narrow slits, gasping when he felt Minho pick him up, bridal style, Jinki’s eyes widened in horror and embarrassment, but the way Minho smiled down at him, sent a thrill right down his body, making him melt. He didn’t feel embarrassed as Minho placed him in the car, leaning in to press a kiss to his cheek.

“So hyung, how about agreeing to go on a date with me,” Minho held back a grin, as Jinki stared in surprise at him, looking slightly confused. “A date, where I’ll ask you out, and hopefully you’ll accept.” Minho nodded his head slowly.

“What… about that barista,” Jinki frowned, bringing it up so suddenly that Minho stared in surprise, “I’ll have to um brush up my coffee making skills, I want you to like my coffee more than his.” Jinki sulked slightly, feeling upset that Minho liked someone else’s coffee more, “So any dates will have to wait until then.” He nodded his head, eyes filled with determination.

“Oh hyung,” Minho laughed richly, “I was talking about you, you were the barista I meant.” He brushed back Jinki’s fringe and leaned in to kiss him softly across the lips. “So will you accept me, will you go out with me?” Minho asked, ever so patiently, his eyes lighting up when Jinki immediately nodded his head, leaning to kiss Minho firmly across the lips.


Kibum pulled Taemin into his arms, hugging the slender boy tightly as his guilt ate into him. He hated doing this to him, especially when he had thought his feelings were so strong, more than just friends however he was mistaken. He stoked Taemin’s shoulders lightly, trying to comfort him, but when Taemin pulled back moments later Kibum was surprised to see that he did not look too upset.

“Hyung, it’s okay,” Taemin nodded his head, trying to smile to ease Kibum’s anguish, “Really it is, thank you for being honest. I think on some levels,” He swallowed, “I wanted to like you more because I wanted to like someone.” He bit his lip, glancing up at Kibum, looking cautious, “I’m sorry too hyung, because I feel like I used you.”

“I think I used you,” Kibum frowned shaking his head, “I mean I was the one who wanted to go out with you, who kept snuggling with you and pressuring you.” He pouted, “Not to mention, you know I’m messed up.” Kibum sighed, “So a relationship with me, would never work out properly.” He nodded his head slowly, “I just don’t get why you’re being so reasonable about this.”

“Because, I sensed it deep down,” Taemin licked his lips slowly, “I’m not sure how, but I knew, especially when we focussed more on Minho-hyung and Jinki-hyung, than us. I think, our relationship ran its course and we had fun while it lasted.” Kibum stared in disbelief at Taemin, wondering how he could be so level headed and cool for someone so young. It amazed Kibum completely how well Taemin was taking this, Taemin he realised was incredibly mature for his age.

“I guess I wouldn’t have admitted to myself, but your words meant I had to.” Taemin nodded his head, and Kibum noticed for the first time he was looking a little teary eyed and upset. He patted the other boy on the back lightly, leading him towards the hospital. Kibum gasped, pointing when he saw Minho pick Jinki up in his arms, carrying him towards the car. Kibum and Taemin stood in silence, both smiling, even as their eyes watered as they watched Minho and Jinki, laugh and kiss together softly.

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